Home Automation


Home Automation – With Alarm .com

Alarm.com is a completely connected system enabling seamless automation across your security, video and energy management systems. Now your home can adjust automatically to you

Integrated Solutions

Alarm.com is a fully connected solution that enables all your services to work smarter together. With Alarm.com, security, energy efficiency, and automation are all in sync.

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It’s All Connected

Alarm.com was designed and built to provide a single integrated solution. Having all of your mission critical services in your home like security, video monitoring and energy management work together makes them more efficient. Instead of reviewing hours of video to see when your kids got home, simply have Alarm.com send you a clip when the front door opens. Because Alarm.com monitors all the sensors all the time it can send commands based on any activity and automatically adjust your lights, locks, thermostats, and capture video.

A Smarter Solution

All of Alarm.com’s services are connected on a single platform making them smarter together than any individual solution. For example, you can have your thermostat use the information from the security system to learn how you use your home and optimize your smart schedule. It’s also a dynamic solution so you can have the lights turn on when you open the door or disarm the security system and not rely on a predefined schedule. It’s a system that learns over time and helps you make smarter decisions

Customized Triggers

With Alarm.com, you can set up powerful, customized rules to control your locks, lights and thermostats automatically based on your personalized settings.