Energy Management


Energy Management – With Alarm .com

With Energy Management services you can remotely adjust your lights and thermostats and set energy saving Smart Schedules to fit your lifestyle. can help you stop wasting energy and start taking control of your energy bills.

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Thermostats makes managing your energy use simple. With Smart Schedules, mobile apps and a system that learns and optimizes, you will always be in control of your thermostats


Whether you’re across the room or across the world, with’s light management solutions, you can customize a variety of light automation options for enhanced security, convenience and cost savings.

Smart Schedules

Create custom energy-saving schedules for your home or business to automatically adjust the temperature and control the lights so you’re not wasting energy when you are away.

Activity Patterns’s Smart Schedule Activity Patterns enables thermostat users to optimize their thermostat settings based on their home’s actual activity patterns. Let Activity Patterns help you achieve greater energy efficiency, convenience and control of your energy usage.

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