Security Check List Before You Leave on Vacation

Security Check List Before You Leave Your Home

Now that the Christmas holidays have passed, many Americans are looking forward to a late winter vacation to help carry them into the spring. If you’re planning to be away for any length of time, make sure you take the proper precautions.

Assuming you’re one of millions of homeowners with a home security system, don’t be fooled into thinking you can just arm your system and forget about it for 10 to 14 days. There are plenty of other things to consider.

In order to help you keep your property as safe as possible, we have put together a checklist you can use before you leave home on your vacation:

1. Have Your System Tested

Owners of home security systems should have them tested once a month. A good time to do so is just before you leave home on vacation. If you have a system from Monitronics, just contact us at your earliest convenience. You can also test your system through your online Monitronics account.

2. Check Motion Sensors

If your home security system includes motion sensors throughout the home, they should definitely be tested to make sure they aren’t too sensitive. When they are, they can easily be set off by motion as slight as draperies moving when the furnace or air conditioning kicks on. False alarms are never a good thing, but they’re an even bigger hassle when you’re on vacation.

3. Door and Window Locks

Before leaving on vacation, check to make sure all of your door and window locks are in good working condition. If any of them show even the slightest bit of compromise, replace them immediately. Install deadbolts on first-floor doors if you’re not currently using them.

4. Camouflage Your Valuables

In the old days we used to say, “Hide your valuables” where burglars are least likely to find them. Today we prefer the term “camouflage” because it’s more accurate. Also, keep in mind that burglars tend to head straight for the master bedroom and family room because that’s where most valuables are found. The last places they tend to look are kitchens, bathrooms, and interior rooms without an easy means of escape.

5. Visit with Neighbors

Your neighbors might very well be your best protection against burglary while you are away on vacation. Let them know of your plans, and ask them to grab your mail and put your garbage out to the curb during your absence. If you’re leaving a car at home, having the neighbors move it around from time to time is also advisable. If your neighbors aren’t willing to assist, have your newspaper and mail delivery stopped while you’re away.

6. Social Media

As tempting as it is to brag about your upcoming vacation on social media websites, don’t do it. Social media is not nearly as secure as most people assume it is. And in fact, it’s now a great source of information for burglars looking for easy houses to hit. Keep your vacation plans to yourself until you have arrived home. Then feel free to post all the pictures and stories you want.

At Advantage Security Plus, we want you to be able to enjoy your vacation by knowing your home is as safe and secure as it can be. We would be more than willing to help by providing you with home security system that meets your needs and budget. Just call us to get started today.

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