How to improve customer relationships for Home Security Companies

Improving Customer Relations

The Key to improving Customer – Client relationships, I believe is communication along with service and value. I think the number one reason that people do not refer your company, your service or product is that the do not want to look bad. They do not want to refer you if you are just ordinary or average service.  The key is to make them look good, proud, respected because they referred you.  This is not that easy to do sometimes but well worth going above and beyond to make your customers happy.

If you look at it this way, the one thing that all business require are customer.  Usually there is an expense involved in generating your customer. To include your advertising, staff in a office, procedure in place to get the customer. What ever it is at youre business the expense exists!  It often times is cheaper and far better for your business to have a referral based business. If you invest more money in your existing customer, whether it is time, products or upgrades and if you went above and beyond this customer will pay back 10 times over with referrals in the future.

Here Are Some Tips To Increase your relationships

  • Communication on all steps of process.  EX- Thank you for meeting, I sent your estimate, did you receive estimate.
  • If you are an installation company, small windows or exact times to meet not “am or pm” install times
  • Communicate your schedule, confirming the evening before as well
  • How did we do? questionnaire and or a phone call the following day how was your experience?
  • Follow up with Owners and Key personal on anything you can do to improve or services.
  • Rewarding clients even with the smallest of prizes, keeps you on there mind that you are thinking of them.
  • Actually remember something about the persons, owners, staff so you are memorable and again they think of your first in a referring situation.

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