Home Security Systems and Technology?

Home Security Systems and Technology?

by Monitronics Blog | Jan 24, 2014

Some experts estimate that the home security industry will double within the next decade, resulting in three out of every 10 homes in America armed by an alarm system with monitoring. Total sales could also reach $20 billion annually by that time. Given that so few other industries experience such growth, what’s driving the home security industry?

The answer to that question might be as simple as the smartphone you’re holding in your hand. In simple terms, interactive technology appears to be one of the main driving forces catapulting the home security industry into the future. Technology is not only making security systems more reliable and usable, it’s also making them smarter.  Because of the smartphone and its ability to connect to the internet, it has bridged the gap for the consumer to be able to connect with there home and stay connected at all times. Interactive Security systems are not just a “bill to pay” but a way to stay connected, add conveniences, save you money and have better security!

Where We’re Going

Over last couple of years, there has been a growing consumer interest in adding home automation to security systems. In fact, Monitronics has been involved with home automation since it first became available. Our customers who choose to add Alarm.com to their systems enjoy the convenience of remote home management.

What is home automation? It is a combination of your alarm system and electronic and software components enabling you to automate certain functions of the home environment. With it, you can control thermostat settings, lighting, security cameras, and so on. The best part is that you program the system and forget about it.

That said, the future of home automation looks pretty exciting. Down the road, who knows? We may see even smarter control panels able to monitor all sorts of activity within the home – from electricity usage to foot traffic – and report that activity directly to you via computer, smartphone or tablet.

Technology Makes a Better World

Back in the 1950s and ‘60s it was common for the technology companies of the day to promise a better world through the gadgets they created. In some cases, they lived up to their promises; in other cases, they did not. Where home security is concerned, new technology is indeed creating a better, and safer, world for homeowners.

Estimates suggest that approximately 15% of America’s homes are equipped with a home security system. If your home is among the remaining 85%, what’s holding you back? The cost for a monitored home security package is a lot more affordable than it used to be. You might be surprised by how cost effective it can be for you.

If you would like to start with just a basic system and burglar alarm monitoring, that’s great. Many of our customers do just that. If you would like a little more protection, fire and carbon monoxide monitoring are critical home security add-ons. Of course, we can also custom-design a top-of-the-line system that includes all of our monitoring services as well as Alarm.com remote security and home automation.

At Advantage Security Plus, your safety and comfort is our number one goal. We hope you will consider contacting us for more information about one of our technology driven home security systems with alarm monitoring.

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